White Wines

Chardonnay £18.95

Fresh and youthful, with a dry flavour, full of delicious fruit on the nose and the palate.
Orvieto Classico Abboccato Mandorlo D.O.C £19.95 Umbria
Lightly sweet, white wine, soft, fresh and balanced with a pleasantly fragrant aroma.
Vermentino D.O.C. £19.95
Straw yellow in colour, with light yet compact fluidity. The bouquet is light, delicate and Lingering of citrus fruits. The flavour is soft and warm with a dry, slightly fruity aftertaste and, overall, it is a good, well balanced and has a delicate structure.
Pinot Grigio £19.95
In the distinctive Trentino style, delightfully dry and full of flavour, with a delicate fragrance and smooth texture.
Gavi di Gavi D.O.C.G. £27.95 Piedmont
Exquisite smart dry white. Fresh, crisp and fruity on the nose and palate.
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Red Wines

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo D.O.C. £20.95 Abruzzo
A well structured, full bodied wine. Bright ruby red with hints of violet, tending towards orange with ageing. Full bodied, and intense bouquet, reminiscent of cherry (morello). The taste is dry, full, fruity, soft and slightly tannic.
Nero d’Avola £19.95 Sicily
An intense, full bodied wine with lovely plum, red fruit, vanilla and spice flavours. Supple oak tannins and an ability to age.
Merlot D.O.C. £18.95
Smooth, delightful easy to drink with a dry fruity flavour with a touch of herbs.
Cabernet Sauvignon D.O.C. £19.25
Deep ruby red, with wonderful aromas and flavours of ripe red fruits, and a delicious earthiness.
Barbera d’Asti D.O.C. £23.95 Piedmont
Single vineyard. Ruby red in colour, deliciously dry and full flavoured. Well rounded with good tannins and lasting finish.
Pinot Nero D.O.C. £20.50 Lombardia
Ruby colour, full bodied with a rounded flovour on the nose. It is very elegant Intense and clean cut typical to the grape. Nicely tannic with a medium finish.
Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. £22.95 Tuscany
Very, pleasant, bright ruby red wine, with aromas of mature fruits and a medium, well balanced flavour.
Amarone D.O.C. £44.95 Veneto
Strong garnet colour, intense bouquet, full-bodied, warm and velvet smooth flavour, dry and austere. A companion for roasts and grilled meats and as an after-dinner drink.
Barolo D.O.C.G. £46.95 Piedmont
In the modern lighter style. Modern flavoured brick red wine. Showing a little tannin and good level of acidity.


House Champagne £29.95
Moet et Chandon 1/2 Bottle £23.95
Moet et Chandon £44.95
House Wine
House White 75cl Bottle £14.95
House Red 75cl Bottle £14.95
By the glass 250ml £4.95
By the glass 175ml £3.75
By the glass Rose 250ml £4.95
Rose Wine
Pinot Grigio Rose £19.95
Clear, brilliant pink in colour with a vinous and persistent aroma. Dry, refreshing, light-bodied and elegant.
Sparkling Wine
Asti Spumante, D.O.C.G. £20.95 Piedmont
Fermented slowly to achieve the perfect balance between alcohol and sugar, giving a light, fully sparkling wine with a refreshing sweetness.
Prosecco di Valdobbiadene D.O.C. £27.95 The Veneto
From the Valdobbiadene hills, a mouth wateringly fresh. fragrant wine, with a light, persistent sparkle produced by re-fermentation in tank. Dry and well balanced, delicious as an aperitif or with light dishes based on fish.